Every Fighter Is A Song


My sincere apologies for the delay, but you know how it is… work work work. All’s I can say – it beats the alternative…

Well, in the last couple of days I was toying with an idea about tying two things I love together into one post. Music and MMA. Now, we know that fighters have their walk-in music. Some choose a song based on their current mood, or if they want to make a specific statement. Others have a song they always use. That’s all nice and dandy.

But what I was thinking about was – what song IS that fighter? Which song could represent a fighter? So with that in mind…

Here are ten fighters and their songs:

Conor McGregorThe real slim shady / Eminem

There’s no one quite like Conor, some folks try to be like Conor but they’re not the real Conor now are they? A spark of craziness and a similar spark of genius. Will the real Conor McGregor please stand up?

Jon JonesBohemian rhapsody / Queen

Just like this Queen masterpiece, Jones starts out quiet, develops quickly with some unexpected turns and explodes into a crescendo. To date, though, that peak was followed by a whisper… Let’s hope that – like what usually happens with this song – we will just hit “repeat” and listen again and again as this young lad makes his comeback. Also considered one of the best of all times.

Demetrious JohnsonPlug in baby / Muse

The song is quite short, is mostly burst after burst of energy, and one of the best of its generation. Hold on, did I just describe a song by Muse? or the flyweight champion?

Daniel CormierSweet Home Alabama / Lynyrd Skynyrd

DC may be from Louisiana, but still, we’re talking about some southern gold which some people may have sneezed at, at first. Until they realized it’s just that damn good.

Frankie EdgarWorking on a dream / Bruce Springsteen

Frankie, like the Boss is a Jersey boy who’s busy with the dream. Like the subjects of Springsteen’s song (pretty much – us), Frankie might hit a wall every so often. But he keeps the hope alive, that one day, with the right attitude and hard work – he will realize his dream. Will it happen? I don’t know. The song is a song of hope, and like Frankie, we won’t give up on that.

Nate Diaz (Nick Diaz)Smoke two joints / sublime

Not a man of many words, but says it as it is. For him. Represent yo.

Ronda Rousey – I, Me, Mine / The Beatles

All through the day, I, me, mine, I, me, mine, I, me, mine. Even those tears, I, me, mine etc. It seems like it was always about Ronda doesn’t it? She’s here, She’s there, she’s everywhere (no, that song doesn’t fit). It wasn’t about the sport, not even about the promotion. It was about Ronda. Well, for better or for worse, only time will tell. We’re waiting for the new chapter in this story.

Robbie LawlerBad company / Five Finger Death Punch cover

This song, like the fighter, is a very nice mix of Aggression and heart felt look at one’s career. A warrior like Robbie who’s done this and that, was scorned by so many of us, yet realized his true identity and… well, you know the rest. I can’t deny, till the day I die.

Michael BispingManchester England England / Hair Cast

What can I say? He believes that god believes in “Claude”. That’s him. Hair also attracts polarizing views. Some people love it, while others can’t stand it. I like it.

Fabricio WerdumPais tropical / Sergio Mendes

For I do not owe anything to anyone. For I am happy, very happy with myself. I saw werdum trying to show a “tough” front in promo work. At best it was a not smiling Fabricio. This guy seems to truly be having fun every minute of his career. What wasn’t said of him in the past? he was all but written off until storming all the way to the top of the heavyweight division.

Well, hope you enjoyed. Will be happy to hear opinions, other ideas. What song is you?

Until next time (very soon – UFC197 Predictions…),


So… WordPress just reminded me that this is my 5 years anniversary blogging on this corner of the interwebs.


5 Years, this would make post #274. That means – besides a heck of a lot of words – an average of 1 post a week. Nice. I like the sound of that. All things considered, I’ve been fairly consistent with updating. Hopefully as consistent with the content of said updates.

Regardless, I’d like to use this opportunity to say

Thank you to every one who came to check it out, anyone who liked, commented, shared or otherwise clicked through these posts!

I hope you enjoyed and you’re most welcome to come again 🙂

This is not a farewell post, so I won’t make it endless. 5 years is very good, but I intend to stay on for quite a while.

Thank you!

5 Tips To Make You A Better Troll

Hello there,

For so many reasons, this blog was not updated in the past couple of weeks. Instead of listing them all, let’s just say life happens.

I wrote in the past about how to deal with trolls, you know, these irritating people whose existence seems to be solely for the purpose of annoying us online. However, trolls are people too, and if you’re a beginner you might want to check these excellent 5 tips that would enhance your prowess as a troll:

Tip 1

Keep it simple, stupid.

Who needs reason? Who needs to elaborate or build upon one’s statements? Say you’ve read someone’s post and said someone really took the time to compile a comprehensive argument about something. Say you want to comment. Never let your response last more than 3 (three) words. See, the OP did all the work. Why take away his thunder by responding with any intelligible comment? What, when you can simply reduce the discussion to tweet level. If you want to demonstrate high level trolling skills I suggest to choose a comment that really has nothing to do with the subject of the post, or better yet – hurl an insult.


  • That’s total bullshit
  • Nonsense
  • Tomatoes
  • You’re an idiot (Trolling masters will make the extra effort to add a grammatical error or too – e.g. your an idiot)

Tip 2

Never let the OP say the last word.

Some posters may suffer from an affliction of ego, or in some cases – naiveté. If you consider yourself a troll, there is no way you will leave that rock un-turned. These folks will try to reason with you (haha, I know). It’s your job to thoroughly frustrate them with meaningless responses. Let them write a long-winded comment, explaining why you are not contributing to the discussion then hit him with your strongest argument (See examples under “Tip 1”).

Tip 3

Stay OFF topic

Never, and I do mean NEVER remain on topic. That’s what all the other serious douches around you do. How else will you get that precious attention you crave so much? You decided to go that route because quite simply, you have nothing of any value to say. Might as well maximize your 15 minutes by constantly distracting everybody from the subject of discussion. You may run the risk of being blocked, but that’s obviously a risk you’re willing to take.

The ideal way to do this would be to use sophisticated mind games like “Your mama jokes” or pictures of naked ladies. Other ways may be a little out of your league for now (e.g. after every reply from the unsuspecting OP, write “Explain.” and say it out loud – Dalek voice and all) but don’t worry, your trolling level increases in no time with more practice.

Tip 4

Keep things personal

Google “ad hominem”. It’s what the best of trolls do best. Why go after an argument you can barely read through – let alone understand, when you can go straight for the person who wrote that mambo-jumbo? His mother is game, feel free to get her involved. He must have some physical flaws, right? Or is gay. You know. Let your imagination go. There must be something that will rile the OP up. If you get silence, up your game. If someone tries to correct your grammar, let him know what you think about his privates. If you get a lesson, see Tip 2.

Tip 5

Dude… tl;dr…

I thought you wanted to learn how to troll effectively… I must say, if you read so far you have your work cut out for you… The ultimate weapon of every beginner troll against logic, reason and otherwise negative things like enrichment of one’s mind is the magic combo of “tl;dr” (Too long; Didn’t read). That should at the very least spark an opportunity to use any of the above tips for extra annoyance. Unless, of course, the OP knows the best way to deal with trolls (again – In this post).

That’s all for today folks. Hope you found that helpful and enlightening.

And for the rest of you – don’t feed the troll. Let him die (metaphorically speaking) of hunger. Remember all he wants is attention, and these days that is something in high demand and short supply indeed.

The Needle And The “Damage” Done

It was probably somewhere around the time Kurt Cobain died when I decided to actually listen to a Neil Young song. As many other artists who I’ve ignored for the longest time (whether for lack of interest, wrong perception, ignorance or all of the above), Neil just “didn’t do it for me”.

Then he goes and writes “Sleeps With Angels“, and because it has to do with someone I was somewhat obsessing with, I decided to give Neil a chance.

It was “Mirror Ball” that did the trick, and like with every musician I suddenly discover, I went back. Way back to the beginning, to fall in love.

Neil Young celebrates 70 and I think it’s high time we pay homage to that man on this here blog.

So, with no further ado

My top 10 favorite Neil Young songs:

10. Rocking In The Free World

9. Down By The River

8. Heart Of Gold

7. Helpless

6. Southern Man

5. Cinnamon Girl

4. Harvest Moon

3. Needle And The Damage Done

2. Old Man

1. Hey Hey, My My (Out of the blue)

I guess “the damage was done” when the proverbial needle touched a Neil Young record for the first time at my place. That, following a death – caused  in a way – by another needle…

Happy Birthday Neil Young.

What Would Jack Bauer Do?

…I don’t have much time, work is plenty, 24 has 8 season and some change, and the weekend is only so long.


The following takes place between 8:29 PM and 9:29 PM

[Phone rings…]

Jack: “Bauer.”

Amy: “Hi, you’ve reached Ping networks, my name is Amy, how can I help you?”

Jack: “Amy, listen carefully because I will say this only once. I received the latest bill and it is precisely 2 dollars and 24 cents over what I was expecting.”

Amy: “I’ll be happy to help you Mr. er…”

Jack: “Bauer.”

Amy: “Mr. Bauer. I understand that you were billed more than expected?”

Jack: “2 dollars and 24 cents. Repeat 2 dollars and 24 cents.”

Amy: “I see. Well the amount you mentioned is showing up on your bill due to a purchase made through your TV, sir. It shows that on October 10th at 8:23 PM you made a purchase of 2.24 $”

Jack: “That’s impossible! I wasn’t even home on that day, I was on the Afghan border with New Zealand digging up a finger of a known terrorist which I was supposed to transfer to Chloe over at CTU Los Angeles in order to prove that the President of Bhutan was involved in an attack on US soil.”

Amy: “O… kay… that doesn’t make much sense.”

Jack: “It makes perfect sense! I saw him carry out the attack but couldn’t do anything about it because he had me hanging by my left testicle from a crane while Alligators were snapping their jaws three feet away from my face.”

Amy: “I… uh… I meant that Afghanistan doesn’t have a border with New Zealand.”

Jack: “They’d have you believe that. Listen to me very carefully now Amy, because your life might depend on it. I did not make that purchase. I suspect it might be the Bhutanese delegate to the peace talks with the Ukraine that made that purchase in order to overcharge me.”

Amy: “Why would he do that?”

Jack: “I don’t know but I’m gonna need your help Amy. Patch me over to your supervisor.”


[beep bop Boop Ring…]

Joe: “This is Joe, who may I have the pleasure of assisting today?”

Jack: “You don’t know me, my name is Jack Bauer and unless you do exactly as I say you may find yourself in enough pain to convince a social security officer to let you cut in line.”

Joe: “Please Jack, I’ll do whatever you say.”

Jack: “A purchase was made on my TV for precisely 2 dollars and 24 cent, I repeat…”

Joe: “No need to repeat sir I…”

Jack: “Don’t ever interrupt me again when I repeat, I repeat don’t ever interrupt me again when I repeat, do you copy?”


Jack: “Joe! are you still there?”

Joe: “Yes sir, may I interrupt?”

Jack: “Go ahead.”

Joe: “Mr. Bauer, as a show of good faith and our hope that you’d continue to be a customer at Ping networks, I am going to remove that charge off of your recent bill sir.”

Jack: “You’re gonna do what!?”

Joe: “I’m going to…”

Jack: “I heard you the first time, that was just a trick to see if you’d repeat that information again. Now, how do I know I can trust you Joe?”

Joe: “Sir?”

Jack: “How to I know you’re not just setting me up on some trumped-up fraud charges?”

Joe: “Sir, I don’t understand…”

Jack: “You understand. I can’t let you take this charge off  of this bill. You put me in a corner here Joe and you’re going to regret ever trying to screw me, do you understand?”

Joe: “Sir, there’s no need to make threats…”

Jack: “That’s not a threat Joe, that’s a fact! I’m going to need the schematics to your facility patched over to my PDA now!”

Joe: “What for?”

Jack: “I’ll explain later, just do it!”

[beeps, pings, sounds]

Joe: “You should have it sir.”

Jack: “How did you know where to send it Joe? Are you in with the Bhutanese?”

Joe: “Sir?”

Jack: “I’ll cut you a deal Joe. Immunity for all the information you have on the Bhutanese president. Now this is your last chance. Do we have a deal?”

Joe: “Sir?”

[Call ends]


Joe: “Hey! Who are you? How did you get in here? and what is that smell?”

Jack: “You sent me the schematics, remember? I crawled in through the sewer system. What kind of amateur operation are you running here?”

Joe: “Why didn’t you come through the lobby though?”

Jack: “I’m not as stupid as you might think. Now give up the Bhutanese president.”

Joe: “Mpphh…”

Jack: “I’m going to release the hold just enough for you to speak, now where is the Bhutanese president?”

Joe: “I don’t know, I don’t know anything about this.”

Jack: “I don’t have time to take you to CTU and question you so I’m going to ask you this one last time?”

Joe: “You said that the last time…”

Jack [Shoots Joe’s left knee]: “That was just a warning shot, now tell me what I need to know!”

Joe: “Alright! Alright… you got me. I’m the Bhutanese president. I’ve been working for Ping networks for the last 15 months trying to go under your radar.”

Jack: “Well, your rookie mistake with the 2 dollars and 24 cents blew your cover. You really thought I wouldn’t notice?”

Bhutanese president: “Let’s make a deal Jack, I can give you something bigger. But I want immunity Jack, you hear?”

Jack: “Speak.”

Bhutanese president: “I’ll give you the Danish assassin who murdered the undercover clown. He’s working at a bakery not far from here making strudel.”

Jack: “I hate strudel.”

Bhutanese president: “Well, who doesn’t? The point is… you let me go and I’ll lead you straight to him.”

Jack: “I need to make a phone call.”



Jack: “Patch me through to the president.”

President Bronson: “Yes Jack, what is it now?”

Jack: “Are we on a secure line?”

President Bronson: “Yes Jack.”

Jack: “Mr. President, I’m sorry to bother you sir but it’s a matter of national security and there are many American lives on the line. I need you to meet me at an address I will give you in a minute.”

President Bronson: “Alright, I trust you.”

[call ends]


[At the bakery]

Jack: “Mr. president, are you alone?”

President Bronson: “Yes, what is it this time?”

Jack: “It’s the strudel Mr. president. You’ve never had strudel as good as that one I guarantee it!”

President Bronson: “Oh Jack, you outdid yourself this time. You saved me Jack. You saved me.”

Jack: “Sir?”

President Bronson: “The first lady wanted to start a ‘Homeland’ marathon. Jack… I don’t even have HBO. That’s one call I wasn’t looking forward to make. Thank god for Jack Bauer.”


[Jack’s phone rings]

Jack: “Bauer!”

Chloe: “Jack, this is Chloe.”

Jack: “Are you tracing this call?”

Chloe: “No. why would I do that? Listen Jack, you’ve gone completely off topic. You started off with some bogus bill, then railed off on a tirade about the Bhutanese president. Jack, Bhutan is a monarchy.”

Jack: “So the president fooled us.”

Chloe: “He’s a king Jack. Kings rule in a monarchy.”

Jack: “Mr. president, we’re going to have to skip this strudel after all.”

President Bronson: “What do I tell the first lady?”

Jack: “Chloe are you still with us?”

Chloe: “Yes Jack, but you still don’t get it. How did you get from a surcharge of 2.24$ to strudels with President Bronson!? And your clocks are all messed up, this was supposed to be between 8:29 PM and 9:29 PM Jack.”

Jack: “Chloe, I want you to do exactly as I say. Please head directly over to the white house, Agent Piece will wait for you and sneak you in. When you’re in position, I want you to hack into Ping network database and make sure that President Bronson has HBO. Call me when you’re done.”

Chloe: “Jack, that makes no sense, He could just…”

Jack: “Just do it Chloe. Do it for me.”

Chloe: “Alright Jack.”

Jack: “Mr. president. Your strudel sir.”

President Bronson: “Hmm… that IS the best strudel I ever had Jack. But you know what that means Jack.”

Jack: “Yes sir, for the best of the country I’m going to have to disappear with as many strudels as possible and over the next 6 months I’ll keep them hidden in an underground bunker just off the border of Turkmenistan, where I will grow a beard and help a local woman with her sheep. I won’t contact Kim, as I don’t want to put her in danger of gaining weight, eating too many strudels. You have my word, sir.”

President Bronson: “Actually, I meant that we’re gonna have to bring some back for the first lady when we’re done. Not to mention Mike Novik. Can he wolf down a strudel he he he.”

Jack: “But… the American people.”

President Bronson: “Nahhh, Jack. Think about it. We don’t have enough for all of them.”


You can patch this through Facebook, twitter or any other social media outlets, just make sure the line is secure with a V400 CTU protocol. If you like it, Jack will know! If you want to leave a comment, go ahead, repeat – go ahead!

This is Bauer out.

All Time Favorite Soccer Players

Welcome back folks,

Today I’ll share my all time favorite soccer players. This is not “The BEST of” list. Just players I’ve always enjoyed watching (Which should explain why players like Pele are not in). I chose a starting 11 and another 11 substitutes and as a bonus I named a head coach and assistant coach.

Let’s get this started.

Starting Lineup:


11 Substitutes:


Iker Casillas


Gary Neville, Sergio Ramos, Laurent Blanc, Paolo Maldini


David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Pavel Nedved


Cristiano Ronaldo, Romario, Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Sir Alex Ferguson

Assistant Coach: Marcello Lippi

The nice little lineup graphic was created via: FootballFormations – Click on the link to create your own, and feel free to share it with us right here!

See you soon,

A Big Ball Of Wibbly Wobbly… Time-y Wimey… Stuff

Welcome back everyone.

Been busy this past week, so you got “only” one post. Alas! If I’d have a time machine, I’d be happy to go back and add another post or two. But as it stands, I’m only human. Unlike the subject of this post – a man with no name (well, we don’t know it) or home, otherwise known as “The Doctor“.

Doctor Who?

Netflix added the latest season of this magnificent TV series a few weeks ago, and with season 9 just around the corner… Well I just had to embark on a Dr. Who marathon that spanned the full 8 seasons (We’re talking about the modern Doctor here, not the older series).

Here are some favorites of mine:

Favorite Doctor:

4. Christopher Eccleston (A.K.A The 9th Doctor)


It’s not about the actor. They are all good actors and I absolutely loved all of these incarnation of the doctor. It could very well be the fact that Eccleston had only one season, or scripts, but I didn’t connect as much to this doctor. On the flip side, It hooked me enough to become a fan. In any case, the doctor with the northern accent and the wild look in his eyes was a good one!

3. Matt Smith (A.K.A The 11th Doctor)


Again, Smith was an excellent doctor, with fabulous story arches and a unique twist. He also had two seasons and really good companions to feed off of.

2. Peter Capaldi (A.K.A The 12th Doctor)


Capaldi just got started, but I’m loving every minute of it. A phenomenal actor and with the established rapport of the doctor’s character. Comedy? Right on the button! Drama? Did you see these brows? These are attack brows! Is there anything Capaldi cannot do? I can’t wait to see more of him.

1. David Tennant (A.K.A The 10th Doctor)


Working with multiple companions, including the unforgettable Rose Tyler, being possibly the most human-like doctor and having two great seasons to work with, Tennant, a great actor regardless of this role, is my favorite one to date, with Capaldi potentially catching up.

Favorite Companion:

5. Martha Jones (A.K.A Freema Agyeman)


Here too, the issue is not with the actress. Heck, I think Agyeman is very good (check out Sense8 on Netflix). It’s about not feeling the same connection to the character as I did with some others. I guess it could be that – much like her character – she came after Rose

4. Donna Noble (A.K.A The runaway bride, A.K.A Catherine Tate)


To be honest, I actually did not like Donna when she first showed up (“Whot? Whot? Whot???”) but she quickly remedied that by being a pretty well thought out character with a whole case of attitude and layers to her. Possibly the first companion to tell the doctor “what’s what“.

3. Clara Oswald (A.K.A The impossible girl, A.K.A Jenna Coleman)


The impossible girl is impossible not to be liked. with a very wide range of character and significance to the doctor.

2. Amelia Pond (A.K.A Amy, A.K.A The girl who waited, A.K.A Karen Gillan)


Amelia Pond, The girl who waited. The girl who almost caused the doctor to stay out of human kind’s business forever. What a fabulous character (and a shout-out to Rory – or “Mr. Pond“). Part of one of the most intricate story arches of the whole series. If it wasn’t for my actual favorite, Amy would be it.

1. Rose Tyler (A.K.A Billie Piper)


Could it get any better than this? Seemingly, the most ordinary one of the doctor’s companions, Rose starts as a clueless blond but by the end of Season one she’d already sent herself messages throughout time and space, absorbed the time vortex, saved the doctor and the world, and by the end of the second season, we all cried as she was forced to forever part ways with the doctor. We all saw the doctor disappear before he could answer Rose, but we all know which 3 words he was saying. It all started with Rose and though other companions made cameos as well, none were as touching as hers. The one. Rose Tyler.

Best Adversary:

3. The Master (John Simm)


A worthy opponent of the same skills, powers and wit. A mad man with a plan (or three) of preposterous magnitude. An adversary, so like the hero that it makes him almost the best adversary. Almost, because…

2. The Daleks


If The Master was an adversary who resembled our hero to a great extent, who shared characteristics with our main man, how about the Daleks? and they’re not time lords, which puts them almost at the top of the list.

1. The Weeping Angels


Ooohhh…. Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey…. scary, unstoppable, intangible and single-minded. Capitalizing on potential life energy, can only move if you don’t look. Responsible for the death of Amy and Rory. You could argue that they actually beat the doctor. Definitely on the personal front. So do yourselves a favor and… Don’t blink! One blink and you’re dead!

Favorite Episode:

1. “Blink” Season 3, Episode 11


Favorite Season:

Season 2 – Rose Tyler, fresh out of saving the doctor and the universe, David Tennant killing it as the doctor, great season finale, Aliens, Cybermen, Ghosts and some foundations for later references and plot twists.


Favorite Season Finale:

Season 2, “Doomsday”


What a heart breaker on the one hand, but Rose Tyler upping the ante even compared to her first season finale. Sacrificing everything. The doctor showing the most human sides to him.

Favorite Quotes:

Season 3, Episode 11 (“Blink”)

People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.

Season 4, Episode 5 (“The Poison Sky”)

Are you my mummy?

Season 1, Episode 2 (“The End Of The World”)

What are you going to do – moisturize me?

Season 5, Episode 1 (“The Eleventh Hour”)

Amy Pond, there’s something you’d better understand about me ‘cause it’s important, and one day your life may depend on it: I am definitely a mad man with a box!

Season 5, Episode 12 (“The Pandorica Opens”)

Never ignore coincidence. Unless, of course, you’re busy. In which case, always ignore coincidence.

Season 8, Episode 1 (“Deep Breath”)

Who frowned me this face?

Season 8, Episode 1 (“Deep Breath”)

Oh no, that’s good! Ooh ooh it’s good. I’m Scottish. I’m Scottish. I’m Scottish. I can complain about things. I can really complain about things now. Give me your coat.

Season 8, Episode 12 (“Death In Heaven”)

I’m not a good man! And I’m not a bad man. I am not a hero and I’m definitely not a president. And no, I’m not an officer. Do you know what I am? I am… an idiot… with a box, and a screwdriver.

Well then, I could go on and on about this, but you know… wibbly wobbly, timey wimey… got to go. 
Until next time, feel free to comment, like and share. 

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Season 9 trailer:

Why Your Attention Span Is A Great Excuse For Someone Else’s Failure

My oh my, who woulda thunk writing is such hard work? 🙂
Since it is, I was hoping to find something worthy of sharing with you all and it took a while before I found it.

I found this post interesting, attention grabbing and informative so, there you go! Check that blog out for yourselves. I will too!

Tara Sparling writes

I wasn’t well last week, and ended up feeling dreadfully sorry for myself. Now, there’s nothing on earth can feel quite as sorry for itself as an Irish woman, so it can get quite dark. Anyhoo, as I lay prostrate, bemoaning the state of both my health and my immediate prospects, my lamentations eventually began to transfer themselves to the world outside as well.

And it’s a dark world, lads and lassies. Society is broken. Rent asunder by social media, reality television, celebrity gossip and cat memes. As a race, we have developed the attention span of a hungover goldfish. We can’t concentrate on anything longer than a Buzzfeed article called 21 Things Only People Who Wore Purple Underpants In 1991 Will Understand. And nobody reads full novels anymore.

My last post on e-book reading statistics – the fact that we now have access to better statistics not only on what books people are buying…

View original post 645 more words

5 really important HOW-TO videos on Youtube that you don’t have to see

Hello and welcome back everybody for another MUST see post. Or not.

YouTube became, not only a great resource for pretty much every music or funny cat video in existence,  but also a very effective source for instructional clips. Need to re-wire your house? they got a video for this on YouTube. Need advice on a new gadget? It’s on YouTube before said gadget is even released (Including a 1-5 star review system). Want to know how to turn your old wedding dress into a Cinderella costume for the kindergartener? It’s one click away.

But these are way advanced clips. What I wanted to show you is how far YouTube can get you when it comes to the very basic of activities. The ones we all do, sometimes without thinking about it. Things you simply cannot go through life without knowing.

So here they are – 5 really important HOW-TO videos on YouTube that you don’t have to see:

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having this skill. So I won’t.

I don’t want this post to go down the toilet, but some things must…

It’s basic manners, you know. Sometimes though it seems like a lost-old art.

I think this needs to be said. Now don’t go sticking a screw driver in a socket.

And most importantly, since it seems like mankind’s most coveted talent…

You’re welcome!

That’s all for today. I hope you found this educational, inspirational and life altering.

Got some more helpful YouTube HOW-TOs?

Care to share with the rest of the class? Thoughts? Comments?

Feel free to share, like or comment at your leisure.

UFC 186 is just around the corner so expect a prediction post in a couple of days (will I break the devastatingly bleak  record of mine?).

Until then,


All jokes aside, YouTube, while being full of it at times, also hosts some really valuable information. Once you sift through the bogus and the nonsensical, you can find a lot of really interesting videos that can honestly enrich your knowledge and get these grey cells working.