UFC 197 – Predictions

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Millions of words must have been spilled about the return of the Light Heavyweight king, Jon “Bones” Jones. What can I add? Only my excitement and anticipation. What shape is Jon in? What state of mind? How big of a challenge will OSP be? Saint Preux has already shown us that he’s not to be looked down at. This isn’t a walk in the park for Jones. Continue reading

Every Fighter Is A Song


My sincere apologies for the delay, but you know how it is… work work work. All’s I can say – it beats the alternative…

Well, in the last couple of days I was toying with an idea about tying two things I love together into one post. Music and MMA. Now, we know that fighters have their walk-in music. Some choose a song based on their current mood, or if they want to make a specific statement. Others have a song they always use. That’s all nice and dandy.

But what I was thinking about was – what song IS that fighter? Which song could represent a fighter? So with that in mind…

Here are ten fighters and their songs:

Conor McGregorThe real slim shady / Eminem

There’s no one quite like Conor, some folks try to be like Conor but they’re not the real Conor now are they? A spark of craziness and a similar spark of genius. Will the real Conor McGregor please stand up?

Jon JonesBohemian rhapsody / Queen

Just like this Queen masterpiece, Jones starts out quiet, develops quickly with some unexpected turns and explodes into a crescendo. To date, though, that peak was followed by a whisper… Let’s hope that – like what usually happens with this song – we will just hit “repeat” and listen again and again as this young lad makes his comeback. Also considered one of the best of all times.

Demetrious JohnsonPlug in baby / Muse

The song is quite short, is mostly burst after burst of energy, and one of the best of its generation. Hold on, did I just describe a song by Muse? or the flyweight champion?

Daniel CormierSweet Home Alabama / Lynyrd Skynyrd

DC may be from Louisiana, but still, we’re talking about some southern gold which some people may have sneezed at, at first. Until they realized it’s just that damn good.

Frankie EdgarWorking on a dream / Bruce Springsteen

Frankie, like the Boss is a Jersey boy who’s busy with the dream. Like the subjects of Springsteen’s song (pretty much – us), Frankie might hit a wall every so often. But he keeps the hope alive, that one day, with the right attitude and hard work – he will realize his dream. Will it happen? I don’t know. The song is a song of hope, and like Frankie, we won’t give up on that.

Nate Diaz (Nick Diaz)Smoke two joints / sublime

Not a man of many words, but says it as it is. For him. Represent yo.

Ronda Rousey – I, Me, Mine / The Beatles

All through the day, I, me, mine, I, me, mine, I, me, mine. Even those tears, I, me, mine etc. It seems like it was always about Ronda doesn’t it? She’s here, She’s there, she’s everywhere (no, that song doesn’t fit). It wasn’t about the sport, not even about the promotion. It was about Ronda. Well, for better or for worse, only time will tell. We’re waiting for the new chapter in this story.

Robbie LawlerBad company / Five Finger Death Punch cover

This song, like the fighter, is a very nice mix of Aggression and heart felt look at one’s career. A warrior like Robbie who’s done this and that, was scorned by so many of us, yet realized his true identity and… well, you know the rest. I can’t deny, till the day I die.

Michael BispingManchester England England / Hair Cast

What can I say? He believes that god believes in “Claude”. That’s him. Hair also attracts polarizing views. Some people love it, while others can’t stand it. I like it.

Fabricio WerdumPais tropical / Sergio Mendes

For I do not owe anything to anyone. For I am happy, very happy with myself. I saw werdum trying to show a “tough” front in promo work. At best it was a not smiling Fabricio. This guy seems to truly be having fun every minute of his career. What wasn’t said of him in the past? he was all but written off until storming all the way to the top of the heavyweight division.

Well, hope you enjoyed. Will be happy to hear opinions, other ideas. What song is you?

Until next time (very soon – UFC197 Predictions…),

UFC 191 – Predictions

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UFC announced some pretty sick cards coming up. Cards that may make this one pale in comparison. A word of advice folks – don’t just a card by its cover 🙂 This one has all the making of a good fight card. For one, I care far more about anything but the main event. Not that I don’t respect Mighty Mouse or Dodson. They are worthy headliners. It’s just that I don’t find myself really rooting for either one, you know… which is to say…

Let the predicting of UFC 191 coming up this September 5th on PPV commence. (All credits go to UFC/Zuffa for all photos.) We ride!


Paige VanZant by TKO


Jan Balchowicz by UD


Anthony Johnson by TKO


Frank Mir by UD

and now! the moment millions of MMA fans have been waiting for, from Las Vegas, Nevada! This is the main event of the evening!


Demetrious Johnson by UD

Don’t forget to get back here by Monday morning for the after MMAth!

And of course, don’t forget to watch UFC 191 on PPV – This Saturday, September 5th!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-t’s TIME!

The Morning After:

1. Paige VanZant is young and pretty. But she is also a fighter who comes in for a fight. A total domination, culminating in a transition from mount to a perfectly executed arm-bar win. I myself have compared that transition and application of the submission move to Ronda Rousey. No one in his right mind can put her and Ronda on the same level, but the execution of that move was pitch perfect. a 10 out of 10. Give her a couple of years with the right coach and we will see the beauty IS the beast1 for 1.

2. Boy am I disappointed with Blachowicz’s (lack of) effort… so passive, no gas in the tank… and to think that he was supposed to face RumbleAnderson capitalized and even if that was not the most inspiring fight (to say the least), he got the job done. 1 for 2.

3. At around the 3:50 mark of the first round, the crowd started booing… Anthony Johnson got crowds used to quick KOs and when he chose to take Manuwa to the ground (Which might have proven the best tactic later on), the crowd found it boring for some odd reason… Fast forward to round 2 and Rumble explodes right out of the gate with a vicious KO. Done and done. 2 for 3.

4. I am forever a Mir fan. Frank made two significant changes since that painful loss to Brock Lesnar back in the day. He added a lot of weight and stayed away from BJJ for the most part. Both I consider to be big mistakes. A loss of speed that cost him the ability to take fights to the ground, and as a result forcing him to stand and trade with – mostly – superior strikers. It was a decade too late unfortunately… 2 for 4.

5. Not much to say… Mighty Mouse is the GSP, Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo of the Flyweight division. An even easier title defense than their first fight. Johnson made all the right adjustments for Dodson, avoided his power and completely dominated for 4 out of the 5 rounds.  3 for 5.

See you folks again before UFC192!

UFC 186 – Predictions

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3 posts this week. Lucky you!

If you were following the news – as they relate to UFC 186 – you know that this card had its ups and downs. Namely, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was forced to withdraw from his fight, then found himself back on it. That fight aside, we do have what should be a very good main event.

My track record (which at one point was close to a 100% accuracy over a 5 or six months run) was tarnished in recent history, but I will not back down.

Alright. Let the predicting of UFC 186 coming up this Saturday, April 25th on PPV commence. (All credits go to UFC/Zuffa for all photos.) We ride!


Thomas Almeida by TKO


John Makdessi by UD


Michael Bisping by UD


Fabio Maldonado by UD

and now! the moment millions of MMA fans have been waiting for, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada! This is the main event of the evening!


Demetrious Johnson by UD

I hope to see more finishes, though not very optimistic here…

Don’t forget to get back here by Monday morning for the after MMAth!

And of course, don’t forget to watch UFC 186 on PPV – This Saturday, April 25th!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-t’s TIME!

The Morning After:

I have to say it feels good doing this bit after a good night of predicting 🙂 Let’s break it down:

1. Judging by Almeida’s previous outing, I had to give him the edge over the – perhaps more experienced Jabouin. Almeida wasn’t fooled by Yves’s unique style and was able to penetrate and touch him enough to make him pause, then swarmed on him with a really impressive barrage. 1 for 1.

2. It wasn’t that Campbell wasn’t living up to his hype. He did. Using his reach advantage, especially his legs, to keep Makdessi out of reach and landing nicely. It was Makdessi being patient, trying (and at times succeeding) to catch these kicks and come back with a counter. The difference was that when Makdessi touched Campbell it was with more force. Big props to Campbell for surviving the initial flurry, but great job by Makdessi to go for the finish. 2 for 2.

3. I had a feeling Bisping was going to take it. I didn’t see any way he’d be finishing CB. Dollaway doesn’t get rocked easily, and Michael is more known for accuracy and volume. I like Bisping. He’s a hard working fighter who’s always ready for the fight. Used his movement very well, and pretty mush shut down CB’s TD attempts with his very good TD defense. 3 for 3.

4. I’m actually kind of disappointed with Maldonado here. I’m not going to sit here and dismiss Rampage’s game. It was spot on. But Fabio was so one dimensional and, like Rogan said many times, chose to close the distance instead of trying to get some space and throw more volume at Quinton. On the flip side I gotta say I’m impressed with Rampage. With all the ups and down leading up to his return, he was in pretty good shape, but more importantly – He reminded me why I liked him to begin with. Rampage that threatens with leg kicks. Rampage the mixes things up and being aggressive. Make no mistake here. He’s no threat to the title, nor should he aim at this. I’m just happy Rampage is back and can have a few more pay days, entertaining us in the cage and on the microphone. 3 for 4.

5. I gave this to Mighty Mouse via UD, knowing how tough Horiguchi is and was nearly right, except… except Johnson made two transitions – first from mounted crucifix mount, then from mount to a perfect Arm bar to finish the fight in under 5 seconds. Ending said fight at 24:59. Even Anderson’s triangle on Sonnen didn’t happen so close to the horn. Mighty Mouse to the Fly weight division is what GSP was to the WW – End of the line baby. 4 for 5 😦

See you just before UFC 187. It’s a big one!

MORE about UFC186 – Fortunes changed for five at UFC 186

Duck,Duck, Goose

Welcome back one and all to an up and running blog thing. I had some domain issues but these were resolved and we’re back in full swing (no pun intended).

I was (and still am) very busy at work, so I did not make it for a UFC174 prediction post. Had I posted it, I would’ve been 4 out of 5 (with Jimmo losing being the missed 1). You’re just going to have to trust me on that one 😉

My favorite fight (as I assume many other’s) was the Rory MacDonald show. It was a thing of beauty, talent, tactics and awesomeness. It was so great that, in comparison, the main event was predictably dull. This doesn’t go to say I think less of Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. These were too fights where the more complete, all-rounder fighter just had his way with a good-but-not-good-enough opponent.

What happens following a successful title defense, especially following a seemingly ‘easy’ one, is normally the discussion about who’s next for the champion. Such was the case following Jon Jones’ destruction of Glover Teixeira and it started with Demetrious Johnson, seconds after he convincingly put Ali Bagautinov away.

Nothing wrong with wondering who the next challenger is, except that in MMA it seems like every fan is an authority on qualifying the contenders. Most of the time, based on favoritism of course.

When Jones was asked (as every winner does) who he’d like to fight next, his reply was Daniel Cormier. That set fire under some people’s back side. Oh, the cheek on this arrogant prick! Who is he to pick and choose? MMA is turning into boxing (an insult).

When Demetrious Johnson was asked whether now, after both he and John Dodson won so convincingly in their last fights, he’d like a re-match with “The Magician”, he said he’d prefer to fight someone he hasn’t fought yet. Which sanded some more vaginas (pardon my French).

Let’s look at a couple of statistics:

I don’t consider the term P4P (Pound for pound) anything more than speculative opinion, but let’s look at the UFC’s top 5:


Whether you agree or not, you have to concede the both Jones, as well as Johnson belong in the top 10 (Jones should without a doubt be #1).

Now let’s look at both fighters recent title defenses:

Jones (* will indicate former champions):

 Mauricio Rua* (To win the belt), Quinton Jackson*, Lyoto Machida*, Rashad Evans*, Vitor Belfort*, Chael Sonnen, Alexander Gustafsson, Glover Teixeira.

Mighty Mouse:

 Ian McCall (To win and inaugurate the belt), Joseph Benavidez (Twice), John Dodson, John Moraga.

Both champions have fought a succession of top-tier competition. Some world-class fighters with proven track records. Jon Jones made a few resounding statements with big wins over Shogun Rua as well as Lyoto Machida.

Yet, when both fighters express their desire to compete against someone they haven’t yet fought, they are accused of “Ducking”.

Like Jon Jones or hate him, He stepped into the cage with anyone the UFC put him in with (and won). He did not shy away from competition. On the contrary, he welcomed the challenges of fighting the best the UFC had to offer. After his title defense against Alexander Gustafsson, it was clear to all MMA fans that there’s a re-match in the future.

But then something else happened. Daniel Cormier decided to drop from heavyweight to Jones’ domain, the light heavyweight. Knowing well, he wouldn’t have a shot at the HW title (against his good friend Cain Valasquez), he decided to look for one where the champ was not a camp member.

So now, Jones has NOT yet fight every challenger in the division. There’s a world-class fighter who’ve beaten some really stiff competition, and on a heavier weight class. So by wanting to fight Cormier before he re-matches Gustafsson, in some twisted fan logic, Jones has “Ducked” The Swede… Interesting…

Demetrious Johnson has fought John Dodson. He beat him. He will fight him again. This is simply inevitable. But what’s the pressure on having him fighting Dodson again right now?

Everyone wants to see the best fights all the time. But keep two things in mind please.

We want to see a sport where good performance is rewarded. Fighters who make their way up the ladder deserve to get a shot at the title. If the UFC keep booking re-matches, these fighters will not get the nod they deserve.

We also want to see something new and exciting. If anyone wants to tell me a Jones Vs. Cormier fight is nothing short of exciting, I’d question their love for this sport.

I could go back in time and show how Anderson Silva (no less) or Georges Saint-Pierre, were accused of ducking, even though they fought every top challenger in their respective weight class (and some who moved classes just to have the chance to fight them).

The bottom line, as I see it, is that I can’t see how fighters, great fighters, Champions like Jones, Mighty Mouse, Silva, GSP and others can be accused of avoiding stiff competition when all they do is defend their respective belts against the very best. Us fans should enjoy fresh fights and, more importantly, not be so damn judgmental of people who, unlike us, actually walk into the cage to test their strength and will against the very best in the world.

Let me know what you think:

  • Do you agree?
  • Who should Demetrious Johnson fight next?
  • Who should John Dodson fight next?

As usual, until next time,