Every Fighter Is A Song


My sincere apologies for the delay, but you know how it is… work work work. All’s I can say – it beats the alternative…

Well, in the last couple of days I was toying with an idea about tying two things I love together into one post. Music and MMA. Now, we know that fighters have their walk-in music. Some choose a song based on their current mood, or if they want to make a specific statement. Others have a song they always use. That’s all nice and dandy.

But what I was thinking about was – what song IS that fighter? Which song could represent a fighter? So with that in mind…

Here are ten fighters and their songs:

Conor McGregorThe real slim shady / Eminem

There’s no one quite like Conor, some folks try to be like Conor but they’re not the real Conor now are they? A spark of craziness and a similar spark of genius. Will the real Conor McGregor please stand up?

Jon JonesBohemian rhapsody / Queen

Just like this Queen masterpiece, Jones starts out quiet, develops quickly with some unexpected turns and explodes into a crescendo. To date, though, that peak was followed by a whisper… Let’s hope that – like what usually happens with this song – we will just hit “repeat” and listen again and again as this young lad makes his comeback. Also considered one of the best of all times.

Demetrious JohnsonPlug in baby / Muse

The song is quite short, is mostly burst after burst of energy, and one of the best of its generation. Hold on, did I just describe a song by Muse? or the flyweight champion?

Daniel CormierSweet Home Alabama / Lynyrd Skynyrd

DC may be from Louisiana, but still, we’re talking about some southern gold which some people may have sneezed at, at first. Until they realized it’s just that damn good.

Frankie EdgarWorking on a dream / Bruce Springsteen

Frankie, like the Boss is a Jersey boy who’s busy with the dream. Like the subjects of Springsteen’s song (pretty much – us), Frankie might hit a wall every so often. But he keeps the hope alive, that one day, with the right attitude and hard work – he will realize his dream. Will it happen? I don’t know. The song is a song of hope, and like Frankie, we won’t give up on that.

Nate Diaz (Nick Diaz)Smoke two joints / sublime

Not a man of many words, but says it as it is. For him. Represent yo.

Ronda Rousey – I, Me, Mine / The Beatles

All through the day, I, me, mine, I, me, mine, I, me, mine. Even those tears, I, me, mine etc. It seems like it was always about Ronda doesn’t it? She’s here, She’s there, she’s everywhere (no, that song doesn’t fit). It wasn’t about the sport, not even about the promotion. It was about Ronda. Well, for better or for worse, only time will tell. We’re waiting for the new chapter in this story.

Robbie LawlerBad company / Five Finger Death Punch cover

This song, like the fighter, is a very nice mix of Aggression and heart felt look at one’s career. A warrior like Robbie who’s done this and that, was scorned by so many of us, yet realized his true identity and… well, you know the rest. I can’t deny, till the day I die.

Michael BispingManchester England England / Hair Cast

What can I say? He believes that god believes in “Claude”. That’s him. Hair also attracts polarizing views. Some people love it, while others can’t stand it. I like it.

Fabricio WerdumPais tropical / Sergio Mendes

For I do not owe anything to anyone. For I am happy, very happy with myself. I saw werdum trying to show a “tough” front in promo work. At best it was a not smiling Fabricio. This guy seems to truly be having fun every minute of his career. What wasn’t said of him in the past? he was all but written off until storming all the way to the top of the heavyweight division.

Well, hope you enjoyed. Will be happy to hear opinions, other ideas. What song is you?

Until next time (very soon – UFC197 Predictions…),

UFC 188 – Predictions and morning after

Hey folks!
Long time no see, and as explained on THIS post, I experienced some technical difficulties on top of some life’s miserable little moments. But we’re back in business and this is the second of the three posts I share with you this week to try to compensate for this short absence.

The format is “slightly” different as I couldn’t do a prediction post in time. You can see the below twit I shared the night of UFC 188 Which was pretty good all things considered. How did I do? Let’s look it over.

Let’s talk fight by fight:

Tecia Torres Vs. Angelah Hill: I have to say that, though I’m big on women MMA, this fight was likely the least exciting women fight in recent history. It looked like a case of styles cancelling each other out. While I expected Torres to win, being a little more well-rounded than Hill, I did not expect to see her going for take down after take down with little to no action on the ground. Hill disappointed me a but by not doing more than controlling Torres’s posture. Low striking, low submission attempts, very little action. 1 for 1.

Yair Rogriguez Vs. Charles Rosa: Thank the booking gods for giving us an immediate response with this fast pace, furious fight. One of the judges left his glasses at home and gave the fight to Rosa, but though he was a tough and worthy opponent, In the fight I watched, Yair won 29-28. I thoroughly enjoyed this one! 2 for 2.

Kelvin Gastelum Vs. Nate Marquardt: Kelvin – please ditch your ill-advised plan to drop back to 170. This is the weight class where Gastelum belongs. No issue cutting weight, or gassing out. It allowed Kelvin to keep a good pace even at Mexico City altitudes. Nate might be done. I’m sorry to say that as I think very highly of the great one. He did not find himself in 170 and 185 will not allow him to climb up the ladder and at 36 he needs to make a career choice. 3 for 3.

Gilbert Melendez Vs. Eddie Alvarez: Here’s where things started going south for me… Gilbert, who I fondly nicknamed “The best Diaz brother” looked way off his game. Either that, or he gave Eddie too much respect (Not that Alvarez doesn’t warrant some…). The normal in your face for 15 to 25 minutes Melendez did not capitalize on an early blow that rocked Eddie, and allowed him to make his way back into the fight and eventually win it by all rights. 3 for 4.

Cain Valasquez Vs. Fabricio Werdum: I did NOT see that coming. I admit. Not that I didn’t think Fabricio had a chance. I certainly knew he could. It was the how, not the win itself. We did see a consistent improvement in Fabricio’s striking in recent fights. I mean, almost unparalleled improvement. Just think Werdum/Overeem and then picture Werdum/Nelson. We know Werdum is the best HW BJJ (if not the best period) practitioner in UFC. What I did not see is a Werdum who’s better conditioned and more in your face – in other words, more Cain – than Cain. I really think Werdum opened up the question about the best HW of all times. I still need to sleep on that for a while, but just review his ongoing list of victims – The Emelianenko brothers, Overeem, Bigfoot, Nelson, Minotauro, Travis Browne, Hunt and now Cain Valasquez… this is by far the most impressive list I can think of. I’m sure he wants to avenge a loss to JDS and Arlovski and perhaps a rubber match with Reem. Kudos to the NEW HW champion of the world! 3 for 5.

Well folks, it was fun to watch, fun to review here. Now let’s saddle up as we prepare for WWE 189. that is UFC189 with Aldo Vs. McGregor and the overlooked Lawler Vs. MacDonald. See you then with a back-to-normal prediction post!

Until then, Let me know what you thought of UFC 188, comment, like and share like a champ!