I was not lazy…

I know that on every given Friday one should be able to find a nice piece of flash fiction on this page. The fact that one could not do so today is not due to lack of motivation. Continue reading

Friday’s treat – Fifth Wheel

This Friday treat is brought to you on Thursday as tomorrow I start my weekend 🙂

A couple of updates:

  • My short story “April’s Full Day” should soon be available on Amazon for Kindle, as well as a print on demand (more expensive) book.
  • If you’d like to read a nice interview I gave, you can read it here – http://su.pr/1snnWQ

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Friday’s treat – Cassandra Malone

I will try to make regular updates to the blog, rather than random ramblings (although there will still be plenty of that, have no fear 🙂 ). So:

Friday – a “flash fiction” or some kind of text
Tuesday – Updates
In between – when time allows, some other goodies 😉

Here’s the first one: Continue reading