It’s right there!

Hello folks, how’s it going?

Today’s post is about answers. But before we get into these, here are a few questions for you.

Do you believe in god? Do you believe in higher power? Do you pray? Do you wish upon a star? Do you hope against hope for some sort of help?

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you anything 🙂 I’m simply asking because the rest of the post will relate to these wishes.

But… Let me recount a couple of stories/jokes some of you may know first.

There was a religious man once who went for a swim in the sea. The water took him deeper than he’d planned and he found himself struggling to get back to shore and getting tired rapidly. He prayed to God. “Lord! Please save me! I will correct my ways, I will do whatever it takes! Please save me lord!”. A surfer passed nearby and called. “Hey friend, do you need help?” and the man answered. “That’s quite alright, thanks. The lord will save me.” Next, a boat happened by him and the man in the boat called. “Hey friend, do you need help?” and the man answered. “That’s quite alright, thanks. The lord will save me.” The boat sailed on and a moment later a helicopter flew over the man’s head and through a megaphone a voice came. “Hey friend, do you need help?” and the man answered. “That’s quite alright, thanks.” the man shouted. “The lord will save me.” A moment later the man drowned and died. When he passed through the gates of heaven, he saw the big throne on which sat God and he ran towards it with rage. “Lord! Why??? I was such a good man, gave to charity, helped old people to cross roads, prayed every day, Why didn’t you answer my prayer????” and god said. But I did… I sent you a surfer, a boat and even a helicopter. All you had to do was to accept one of their offers to help.

I expect you all know the old joke about the man who complains that he really wants to win the lottery. In reply someone tells him to buy a damn ticket!

Why am I repeating old stories and jokes? In recent weeks I saw a few examples of this drowning man.

I thought it was well worth the reminder that the saying “God works in mysterious ways” exists for a reason. If you’re expecting a revelation such as experienced by Moses on mount Sinai, you might be setting yourself for disappointment. The means to solve your problems might be much closer than you think. There might be a person on a boat right behind you. That person might even be calling you, saying “Hey friend, do you need help?”.

It’s up to you to accept his help. You need to learn to take ‘Yes’ as an answer.

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend!

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Energy renewed!

Hello world!

I’m back and with some renewed energy. It has been about a month since I had to almost completely ignore this blog of mine, and I have missed it. Life wasn’t (and indeed ISn’t) boring, as you could see in my previous posts I was away from home, working in Seattle and had to juggle more than one major task. Not to say I am not busy these days… But where I had to do my “day job” during the day as well as the evenings (leaving scarce time to write) I can now at least use the evenings to work on my writing. Continue reading

The blog will be back…

My apologies for this hiatus… my day job is demanding on any given day, but I am now starting something new (which is fun in its on way), and I’m starting it away from home. I cannot allocate time to the blog in the next week or so (Not if I want to make any progress with my novel at least…), so please bear with me and check back here for updates.

A Friday Tweet on the blog

Like I wrote last Friday, I’m having a bit of an overload at work and together with writing the novel it leaves me no time for Friday treats for the time being. I can tell you that chapter 5 is completed and I am planing to complete at least two chapters a week until I complete my first draft.
I am not got to send it to anyone for editing before I complete the draft though. I am going to send it to a friend of mine who volunteered to help me with some background work. I need his valued input to keep me honest in a way. It won’t have anything to do with grammar or any aspect of the writing skill. More to do with credibility of characters and behaviors. I won’t go into the details but I’m excited to hear how far off the mark I was or how near…

I will have something for you on Tuesday or even possibly Monday. Until then…

The Heat, The Mavs and The hook

Ok, I admit it. I can’t get away from the NBA finals and completely dedicate myself to writing. There. I said it. I am writing during time-outs, stoppages and commercial breaks so if I don’t sound completely coherent, I got an excuse. That being said, I would like to share something. Continue reading