UFC Weekend Special – Part 3

Hello there people of the MMA universe and other internet dwellers. WHAT A WEEKEND! What a treat. Short preamble today, mostly to put things in context and since I have a bunch to say down the line.

The great prediction extravaganza starts right here with THIS post.

On Part 1 – we summarize Thursday’s UFC Fight night

On Part 2 – we summarize Friday night’s TUF Finale

On Part 3 (the one you’re currently reading) – we are summarizing UFC 194.

We Roll:

Max Holloway Vs Jeremy Stephens

It seems like this was a classic case of two good strikers respecting each other enough to avoid an all out war. Stephens went for multiple TD attempts – which seems to confirm this, and Max didn’t open up as he usually does. But don’t let this fool you. It wasn’t a bad/boring fight. Just not a slug fest. I picked up 1 for 1 with Holloway’s decision win.

Demain Maia Vs. Gunnar Nelson

Before this fight started I was wondering about one thing only. Will this be a BJJ contest, or would these two guys cancel each other out and opt to strike? Well, after a 15 minutes BJJ clinic by BJJ master Demian Maia, the answer was – neither. Maia just took over and dominated the fight with TD after TD and submission attempt after another. Nelson’s ability to weather this attack is testament to his ability and heart. 2 for 2. Seems like I’m well on my way to a 100% prediction night!

Ronaldo Souza Vs. Yoel Romero

Or am I?…

In my little world, there’s no way Romero knocks out Jacare, so this will either be a decision win for Souza, or a submission win. You know, I don’t like it when judging and refereeing gets in the way, but last night was a case where it just overshadowed the fight and it’s a damn shame. It’s a shame of a title contention magnitude. Leave aside the negligible spoiled prediction rate here. Three things just screamed to high heaven as wrong. One being the overall score. Jacare won rounds 2 and 3. Romero somehow got the decision win… Two, being that phantom 10-8 round… where? when did that happen?… the fact that Yoel dropped Jacare in the first (just a tumble, Jacare was a 100%) and controlled half of the round? Up until then, Jacare was out striking him… how does that translate into 10-8? I just don’t get it. and Three… that fence grab… Jacare – an excellent BJJ practitioner mind you – was well on his way to a beautiful TD when “Mr. No gay for Jesus” grabs the fence… Oh shame on you. What would Jesus do? immediately following that, Yoel drops Jacare for a TD of his own. Now, true, the ref stood them up immediately for the cheat, but come on man… that’s not enough. The judges completely ignored that. A point should have been deducted there. That really pissed me off… now Jacare has to reset his quest for a title shot. 2 for 3.

Chris Weidman Vs. Luke Rockhold

Well, while everyone were busy getting their panties in a bunch for Aldo and McGregor, mine were in a bunch for this one. My own main event of the evening. Having watched Rockhold close up, mauling Phillippou and following him ever since the Strikeforce days I knew he had it in him to beat anyone in MW. He is exactly as advertised. Strong, skilled in all disciplines, hard-working and training in AKA with elite fighters doesn’t hurt him one bit. First round was ok. I even tended to give it to Luke. Second one was definitely Rockhold’s with multiple kicks and strikes. Third started good for Weidman but then he tried a spinning kick and the fight spiraled out of control for him, with Rockhold in full mount and raining leather. Dear Herb, I normally like your reffing decisions. This should have been stopped right there and then. But I get it. A champ gets a chance to redeem himself. Not for long though. Luke picked up where he left off and finished the fight to win the belt. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the only way to win a belt off of a reigning champion. 3 for 4.

Jose Aldo Vs. Conor McGregor

It’s been quite a few hours since that moment in history – and make no mistake, that was historical in UFC terms – and still, It’s hard to find the right words to express the shock. Not that Conor won. I predicted (along with many) that he would. But damn… 13 seconds… I won’t bore you with too much verbiage here. Conor said it all – “Precision beats power and timing beats speed“. The man knows… ask Chad Mendes who’ve been a victim twice in his last fights to exactly that. Jose Aldo is a legend of the sport, and not even that can taint his status. Conor is a legend in the making. I honestly can’t say where his limits are… I’d like to see Frankie/Conor as soon as they’re ready. Regardless of the outcome of this one, I look at the list of LW UFC fighters and drool at the prospect of him going up a weight class… 4 for 5.

Thank you judges for spoiling what should’ve been a perfect prediction night… but it’s all good. 4 out of 5 following the previous night’s 6 out of 7 more than compensates for the miserable 1 out of 4 that started this prediction extravaganza

And it’s not over until Donald Cerrone sings folks!

The next MMA post can be expected following next Saturday’s event, in which we will summarize a December to remember!

We can finally rest a little…

Thank you,


UFC 189 – Predictions

Hi everybody!

Last time we did this, it was a half-assed prediction post so let’s do it right, for this one is one of the best potential cards UFC could’ve dreamed up. I call this PPV – WWE 189 due to the ridiculous amount of promo work leading up to it. Conor McGregor is more colorful than Brock Lesner, sharper than Cheal Sonnen and normally delivers – which can’t be said for many of the big promoters.

UFC had a little hitch with Aldo pulling out, but for an MMA fan that is all that is. A hitch. Because in comes Money Mendes and all of a sudden it’s a different fight all together. Could even be a better match in a way (for the fans too).

Not to mention that there’s a co-main event there that wasn’t played up to its potential, in terms of promo. The two best WWs (With Condit breathing down their necks) meet for a title fight, but of course, Aldo’s rib is somehow more important…


Alright. Enough chit-chat. Let the predicting of UFC 189 coming up this Saturday, July 11h on PPV commence. (All credits go to UFC/Zuffa for all photos.) We ride!


Thomas Almeida by TKO


Gunnar Nelson by SUB


Dennis Bermudez by TKO


Rory MacDonald by UD

and now! the moment millions of MMA fans have been waiting for, from Las Vegas, Nevada! This is the main event of the evening!


Conor McGregor by TKO


Don’t forget to get back here by Monday morning for the after MMAth!

And of course, don’t forget to watch UFC 189 on PPV – This Saturday, July 11th!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-t’s TIME!

The Morning After:

Just when you thought that UFC 188 was the awesome-est PPV in comes UFC 189 and delivers in all kinds of great. What a freaking card! How awesome did I do with my predictions? Let’s review:

1. After watching Almeida a couple of times, I jumped the bandwagon. This guy has some serious promise. First round though went all wrong from his perspective. He played right into Pickett’s strength and it almost ended there. His corner must have said the right things though, as he started the second round much better and finished Pickett with a wicked knee. 1 for 1.

2. Too many words would simply ruin the beauty that was this fight. Gunnar Nelson walks in, sets up a TD with fantastic strikes, passes, takes the back, good night. “Be water my friend” B. Lee2 for 2.

3. Head butt? Busted forehead? being manhandled for a whole opening round? That, apparently is called “Warm-up” in Jeremy Stephens’ schedule. Tough as nails, he survived what looked like an inevitable loss to Bermudez who looked awesome in the first. It all went south for Dennis after being tagged a couple of times. Then came the third and… you know it. The night of the flying knees. Stephens flattens Bermudez to get the W.  2 for 3.

4. How close did Rory MacDonald come to taking the belt? About the distance between his face and the tip of his nose…. The judges score cards after 4 had him unanimously winning this fight. Did I say fight? I meant – WAR. One of the best title fights I remember. definitely the best in WW history (and we’re talking about a division which was ruled by the likes of GSP and Matt Hughes!). Very even first round. Robbie giving a foreshadowing in the second by busting Rory’s nose. Rory nearly knocking the champ out with a barrage of head kicks and elbows in the third and fourth. Then come round 5. In which Robbie proved (mostly to himself, it seems) that he has the champion heart. A powerful punch straight on the nose crushed Rory and marked the end. I am a big fan of Rory’s and I know he’d be champion one day, but nothing can take away from the greatness of this fight. 2 for 4.

5. That was almost predictable. Not to knock off Chad Mendes at all. If you haven’t watched the fight and only read a summary, you might suspect that Mendes was close to beating Conor. You would be wrong though. At no point in the fight did Conor look like he was ready to lose. Not even throughout round 2 which he spent on his back, taking elbow after vicious elbow (and they were nasty). At the end of round 2, Conor simply got up and punched Mendes right on the button. Done. Next victim. I honestly don’t know what Aldo’s story is, but after seeing this fight, I believe Jose knows his title run is as over as over can be. Conor is one scary Irishman and the only thing that may beat Conor is Conor himself… 3 for 5 😦

What a beautiful card that was, what a great night! See you just before UFC 190 people.