And so the story goes (forward)

Welcome one and all, back to my corner of the web. You haven’t heard much from me because when I wasn’t working my day job (over 4th of July among other landmark dates…), I was plotting! Yes, you heard right. Continue reading

Tell the real story

Welcome back!

So this week I was busy with work and life and when I had some time I was preoccupied with (forgive me) politics… There were some political developments I didn’t like so against my own advice, I had to go and argue with anonymous people on Facebook… But that gave me a little inspiration for today’s post (I wish it was for my novel though… although the message that I’ll try to pass is relevant.) Continue reading

(Temporarily) Out with the old and In with the new

I feel like a character in a book. To be more specific, I feel like a hero on his journey!

How come? well, I look at the past few months and before, and I notice that my own story has some key elements from the “Hero’s journey“. Continue reading

I wrote the story

I wrote here a few days ago about a short story I wrote for a contest, therefore I cannot share it on any electronic platform. I did however need input. Luckily, I have joined a writers group and last night I read some of it out (Well, some of it was read out courtesy of a fellow writer :)).
I won’t tell you what was specifically said. I took all comments seriously, and after reflecting on it, I should have done a better job to begin with. I am not beating myself up, just setting things up for this:
Continue reading