The state of the union – 5/31/2011

I know it’s quite a pretentious title for a simple update post but it sure feels good and that’s what I’m all about here. Feeling good.

I am joining some new and interesting forums, groups and with every new one, new insights are visible. Pink Floyd might have referred to that with “The Wall“, although I guess it could apply to so many other things. For me, it is the shedding of layers from over my eyes and seeing everything there is to see. Continue reading

(Temporarily) Out with the old and In with the new

I feel like a character in a book. To be more specific, I feel like a hero on his journey!

How come? well, I look at the past few months and before, and I notice that my own story has some key elements from the “Hero’s journey“. Continue reading

Once upon a time…

Does this sound familiar? How many stories did we read, that started with this line?

As previously reported, my outline is as complete as can be. I could wait until I have it reviewed, fixed, re-reviewed and fixed again and again before I start writing. To be honest (and why would I start a blog if I wasn’t going to be honest?), I cannot wait!

I might have to re-write every single word later, but I absolutely HAVE to start writing.

Continue reading