Just a little of that human touch

Welcome back folks, nice to see you again.

I was contemplating what my next post might be and the more I thought, the more I realized that there’s just so much in this world that bores me… Don’t get me wrong, I’m a curious guy and there’s a lot of things to marvel at. But while resting my head on the pillow last night, something crystallized somewhere in that gray matter box.

See, you can tell me about your new car. It could be a beautiful piece of machinery, with the best parts and a fantastic set of perks. It could be the fastest, strongest, most awesome looking car in the world, and all I’d have to offer would be “Does it take you from point A to point B without breaking down?”

You can also tell me about your one year travel to _____ (fill in the blank) with great details. You can describe the night sky as seen from a specific cave once every 46 years, or how this or that rock hangs by the hair for a millennium and you had a ham sandwich in its shade. All you’d get from me is “Got some photos?”

Please don’t take that personally. I get bored easily.

But what I came to understand last night is that the reason I get bored with such things is that they lack just the one ingredient I am so interested in. Just a little of that human touch.

If all we’re talking about is an object, or a pretty sight then trust me, I can appreciate it all by my lonesome. But if you got a story for me about that car salesman who sold you that fancy car, I’m all ears.

Of course, I then had to go to YouTube and play that marvelous Springsteen song (embedded below) and marvel again at his fantastic writing skills, which in turn led me to the next piece of wisdom 🙂

We write stories. Some of them are great, some are epic. Go ahead and think of any great book you read. They are all stories about human (or parallel entity) interaction aren’t they? They could be epics spanning time and space. They could be humorous, tragic, romantic or otherwise. They could play out in magnificent scenery with descriptions that only the best wordsmiths could come up with. But when you’re asked to say what the story is about, you would have to say “It’s about people. interacting. or not.”

It’s all about that human touch in the end of the day.

With that, I’ll bid you farewell and go seek some of that human touch myself. Until next time…